Hotchkiss Library of Sharon Cocoa Club Reading: “The Snow Queen” by Hans Christian Anderson, Part 2

We’re embracing the cold this week for Cocoa Club by making ice cream! Then chill out with us while Mrs. Sam reads part two of “The Snow Queen” by Hans Christian Anderson (inspiration for Disney’s Frozen).

You Can Make Homemade Ice Cream In A Bag, And We've Lost All Chill

You don’t need a fancy ice cream maker to make ice cream at home. All you need is a plastic baggie and 15 minutes. Top with any of your favorite topping and enjoy homemade ice cream instantly! 





1 c. half-and-half2 tbsp. 

granulated sugar1/2 tsp. 

pure vanilla extract3 c. 

ice1/3 c. 

kosher salt

Toppings of your choice


  1. In a small resealable plastic bag, combine half-and-half, sugar, and vanilla. Push out excess air and seal.
  2. Into a large resealable plastic bag, combine ice and salt. Place small bag inside the bigger bag and shake vigorously, 7 to 10 minutes, until ice cream has hardened.
  3. Remove from bag and enjoy with your favorite ice cream toppings


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