Leonard Lopate at Large: Edward Bullmore

Today on Leonard Lopate at Large, Leonard has a conversation with Edward Bullmore discussing the science behind the methodology he outlined in his new book The Inflamed Mind .

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Scientists predict that depression will be the largest cause of disability worldwide in the next 20 years. But treatment for it hasn’t changed much in the last three decades.

In his new book “The Inflamed Mind: A Radical New Approach to Depression” released on December 31 on Picador, University of Cambridge Professor of Psychiatry Edward Bullmore reveals the link between depression and the inflammation of the body and brain.

“The Inflamed Mind” goes beyond the clinic and the lab to examine how mind, brain and body all work together in an often-misguided effort to help us survive in a hostile world.

Leonard Lopate at Large: Edward Bullmore
Leonard Lopate At Large

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