A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – December 20, 2021 – Joe Lampl on Lessons Learned

Being an ever-better gardener means staying open to change. As long as we’ve both been gardening, my friend Joe Lamp’l was saying to me the other day, we’re still evolving, still learning lessons every single growing season. We were comparing notes on the phone about the season we just each put to bed, Joe in Atlanta and me up north in New York State, and decided to bring you into the conversation about what 2021 taught us and what we’ve got planned 2022, in case our aha’s can help you be a better gardener too. 

Joe is the longtime creator and host of the public-television program “Growing A Greener World” and also of the “Joe Gardener Podcast.”

 As if he needed more to do, in recent years, he’s created something else, the Joe Gardener Online Gardening Academy, a curriculum of virtual courses on topics from seeds to tomato, pests and weeds, to soil science and lots more. 


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