Main Street Magazine on Robin Hood Radio – Monday September 9, 2019

We love where we live, work, and play. That it is why we love creating this magazine, because we get to learn so much more about our beloved area – and we get to share that with all of our readers!


Cover of Current issue of Main Street Magazine

Slightly Off, But Very Good

How do we learn each and every day about what is going on in our area as well as the bigger world? Our local newspapers are published only once a week. Internet news sites and TV cover the world, but not our neighborhoods. […]

Sketchy Real Estate Scams

I decided to investigate real estate scammers after preventing a potential renter from wiring money to an imposter in South Carolina posing as the owner of the property on a missionary assignment. Scammers are out there on the internet or the telephone waiting […]

Raising your child’s CQ

We live and work in a global society where interactions with other cultures happen more frequently. Trade, working abroad, decreasing costs of international travel, increased technology and connectivity, immigration, and social media are all making the world smaller. These factors make it imperative […]

A Grey Matter

Here is something I know: there is a statue of Roger Sherman located in the rotunda of the National Capitol in Washington, DC. There is a likeness of a notable person from every state located there, and when one takes a tour of […]


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