Main Street Magazine on Robin Hood Radio – Tuesday October 25, 2022

The October moon is called Hunter’s Moon. (The full moon in September
is Harvest Moon). This Hunter’s Moon was captured on top of Winchell
Mountain between Pine Plains and Millerton, NY.
Cover photo by Olivia Valentine

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the October issue of Main Street Magazine. This issue has a bit of a theme to it, for those who have already flipped through the pages, you may have noticed already. And for those who hadn’t flipped through and are starting to read this issue right here – first off, thankyou – secondly: this month we’re giving a nod to a bit of history. Now, I know that not everyone loves
history whereas others live for it. But my personal philosophy is that we should at least all have an appreciation of- and understanding for what came before us.
– Thorunn Kristjansdottir


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