Rural Intelligence Report with Mark Williams – January 20, 2019

For over 10 years, we have published Rural Intelligence for the love of the region and in service to our community. But we are a small business that needs to pay its talented writers and staff fairly and its bills on time. Like so many media websites, we are finding it necessary to adapt our business model; advertising revenue alone is no longer enough to cover our costs. The financial support of loyal readers like you is critical to our success, and we are heartened by reader response since we began asking in the spring of 2018.

That support allowed us to upgrade our website and become mobile friendly. Please help us move into our next decade on sound financial footing so we can continue to uncover and bring to you the wonderful, unique and sometimes quirky places and people we all love about this region.

Your support of as little as $60 per year (just $5 a month) will help keep us in intelligence-gathering mode, all along championing our community and serving as a resource for our advertisers.

We appreciate your partnership and thank you for your generosity.


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