Marshall Miles Interviews Maria Coutant-Skinner, Executive Director of the McCall Center for Behavioral Health

Maria Coutant Skinner, LCSW

At McCall, we believe that recovery is the ongoing discovery of a promising future. In our work, we are fortunate to encounter that process every day. In seemingly impossible circumstances and despite seemingly insurmountable odds, time and again we see our clients reach deep into their reserves of strength and persevere to become the best version of themselves. We are privileged to witness them overcome reticence to form trust, overcome fear to find courage, and endure despair until they can embrace hope. We are better for their example every day.”

Maria Coutant Skinner, LCSW Executive Director


We provide a full range of alcohol and other drug prevention and treatment services.

Depending on the needs of the people we serve, we offer a full range of dependency and mental health treatment programs.

  • Intervention programs
  • Outpatient treatment – intensive and traditional
  • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) program
  • Teen behavioral health treatment
  • Residential care intensive & intermediate
  • Mental health outreach & treatment 


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