Marshall Miles Interviews-Peter Cordeau Sharon Hospital Maternity Information

  • Timeline: Although we initially thought we would need to stop delivering babies as of mid-summer due to our lack of physician coverage, we are having ongoing talks with OB providers to discuss this timeline further. This has nothing to do with Ohler. We don’t know right now what that timeline looks like, but should know more shortly.

a.)    CON closing process vs. moving forward with the suspension of deliveries

b.)    The Sharon board of trustees recommendation to the Health Quest board, which has the fiduciary responsibility to vote on the closure

  • Low volume and safety. Hospital data shows Sharon had 251 births in fiscal year 2017 with 220 projected in 2018, 181 for 2019 and only 163 births anticipated for 2020. Around our towns, we see 2, 5, 8 births per year. With this trend, it is difficult to be proficient in managing unanticipated emergencies. This is a patient safety issue, foremost.

a.)    Address the “easy way out” Ohler comment by diving into how this decision was made, with many parties’ input and how talks very over the course of a year.

  • Future growth: Data also shows us that while our population of women of child-bearing age is shrinking,  our population of women 65+ is growing significantly, and we need to meet their healthcare needs. Therefore, we plan to bring a 3-D mammography unit to the hospital, plus expand services to include peri-menopausal care, heart health, integrative care, aesthetics and more.



Sharon Obgyn statement:
Dear Patients and Community,
The providers at Sharon Obgyn became aware of the planned closing of the maternity unit at the same time as the public. Neither the practice nor the state have received any written communication. We suspect this was leaked out prior to any decisions being made. Thanks to our combined efforts, Healthquest quickly realized this is not the best course of action and have retracted their stance since.
We will continue to work with all parties to ensure safe, convenient and quality women’s health care. We have the best interests of women in this community at heart and will continue to provide quality obstetrical and gynecological care regardless of the outcome of this issue.
Dr. Schnurr
Dr. Jaffe
Dr. Mortman
Dr. Daruvuri

Marshall Miles Interviews-Peter Cordeau Sharon Hospital Maternity Information

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