The Berkshire Edge On-Air – June 20

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This week we talk about:

1.  And now there are three (and possibly four) proposed marijuana retail outlets for Great Barrington:
The Selectboard is trying to sort out how to manage the rush of applications .. of course it means a lot of revenue for the town.
2.  Veterans storm a meeting of the Great Barrington Library Trustees to protest the Trustees’ decision to host a statue of civil rights activist W.E.B. Du Bois (and Great Barrington native) on the library front lawn. Du Bois founded the NAACP. The vets are upset that Du  Bois — the town is celebrating 150th anniversary of the scholar’s birth — repudiated the United States at the end of his life (in his 90s) after frustration with the U.S. policies toward African Americans, and became a citizen of Ghana.
3. Our environmental reporter, Mary Douglas, a former lawyer for the Environmental Protection Agency, writes an expansive article about the ‘Hostile Takeover’ of the EPA by the corrupt Trump administration, in the person of Scott Pruitt, an avowed opponent of environmental protection and preservation:
4. Meanwhile, over in the sprawling New York Congressional District 19, just across the border, 7 Democrats are vying for the chance to oppose Trump acolyte Republican John Faso in this year’s election. The Democratic primary is June 26, next week:
5.  In the Berkshires of Massachusetts, Democrats — and many, many others — are appalled at what’s going on at the Texas border with Mexico where thousands of children are being ripped away from their parents who have crossed into the United States. We have an impassioned appeal to basic humanity from Rochelle O’Gorman, who herself has an adopted immigrant child from Ghana:
There are several demonstrations planned in the Berkshires to protest the Trump administration’s immigration policies:
6.  Finally, we have an unusual theatrical performance being conducted at the Old Covered Bridge in Sheffield (just off Route 7), by a Simon’s Rock graduate, Pooja Prema. It’s called ‘Flowers Falling from My Mouth,’ and is a ritual dance/play work, accompanied by cello. This is not the first time that Pooja — who was born in India — has created these ritual events. Each year she puts one together — and they are quite magical. This particular play opens Thursday, June 21, on the Solstice, at 7 p.m.

The Berkshire Edge On-Air – June 20
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