The Berkshire Edge On-Air – June 6

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This week we talk about:

1. The pot shops are coming, the pot shops are coming. Great Barrington Selectboard hammers out the details of regulating the head shops, now that recreational marijuana will be able to be sold in retail operations:

2. Tracy Seckler, founder of Charley’s Fund, was named Rotary Club Citizen of the Year… and she really deserves it. She’s raised $36 million for research to find a cure for Duchennes Muscular Dystrophy, an affliction from which her son Charley suffers. It’s really amazing what one determined, motivated person can accomplish.
3. As we come into the tourist season, many merchants are finding it difficult to find part-time help. Fewer students available, for one thing. The labor market is tight.
4. Kate McCormick, whose  father Ed McCormick — assistant fire chief and former Great Barrington town moderator — was resigned from the bar after allegations of misconduct due to his handling of various estate funds, has given up her bid to become the register of deeds in southern Berkshire County, an elected position. She claims she can’t do both jobs: maintain her father’s law firm, and be register.
5. Our Tanglewood and classical music reviewer, Eli Newberger, a professional tuba player and physician, entertained elementary school children throughout the Berkshires with his rendition of Tubby the Tuba, accompanied by an ensemble from the Berkshire Music School and his wife Carolyn, on washboard:
6. We have a number of articles highlighting the films at BIFF (Berkshire International Film Festival) that concluded on Sunday. One of them, Gone in an Instant, a documentary, depicted how young professional athletes are cajoled into squandering their considerable signing bonuses, many in the millions of dollars.
7. And by the way, be sure to look for our new glossy magazine,, that gathers the hundreds of events in the Berkshires into an attractive and readable format, by venue and by town, the entries drawn from our online calendar.


The Berkshire Edge On-Air – June 6
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