The Berkshire Edge On-Air – Wednesday December 12, 2018

1. The weedgates are opening, as recreational marijuana boutiques in Massachusetts are getting ready to deal, now that it’s been legalized. And Berkshire County has the second highest number of headshop applications, among Bay State counties. Four or five could open in Great Barrington.

2.  Meanwhile, on the education front, we’ve had a meltdown in the oversight of the Southern Berkshire Regional School District that borders Connecticut. Bomb scare, school committee member walking out of meeting in a huff, illegal meeting procedures, inability to seat newly elected school board members… it’s quite the circus. Quite an entree for the new chair of the school committee:

3. On a more festive — and nostalgic note — our own Karen Allen, the actress and owner of a fiber arts shop on Railroad Street in Great Barrington, will be hosting and answering questions at a screening of “Scrooged,” the 1988 film in which she costarred with Bill Murray. It’s a new take on the Dickens’ 1843 novella, ‘A Christmas Carol.’ The film is going to be screened at the Mahaiwe on Friday, Dec. 14, and Karen will be answering questions about the film after its showing.. and there is a possibility that Bill Murray might be there, too.

4.   Of course, it’s hard to avoid mentioning General Electric, the EPA and the Housatonic River.
The EPA held an information session recently in which Berkshire residents got to voice their frustration with the PCB contamination of the river, and how it’s to be remediated.
        About 300 people attended the meeting at Lenox Memorial High School auditorium. The EPA listened, and took notes…

5.   Here’s one for the mycologists in the audience.
2018 is the Year of the Mushroom. The hot, wet climate made for an overabundance of tasty fungi. At least, that’s the view of our writer Andrew Blechman. He takes on a expedition to find mushrooms of all shapes and sizes — only the edible ones, though.

6.   Finally, there’s Berkshire Barks and Purrs. The mobile veterinary clinic that makes house calls. It’s the creation of Dr. Tracey Fahey…. very old-fashioned, I’d say:

The Berkshire Edge On-Air – Wednesday December 12, 2018
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