Marshall Miles Interviews Macey Levin and Tom Gruenewald, Aglet Theatre Company’s Production of “No Exit” at Dewey Hall in Sheffield with Two Shows on Oct 7

No Exit is an existentialist French play by Jean-Paul Sartre. The original title is the French equivalent of the legal term “in camera,” referring to a private discussion behind closed doors. The play was first performed at the Théâtre du Vieux-Colombier in May 1944…. Read More ›

Marshall Miles Interviews Rebecca Cohen, Willard Women’s Support Service Activities in October: Domestic Violence Month

Women’s Support Services Add Your Voice…To End Abuse! Our mission is to create a community free of domestic violence and abuse through intervention, prevention and education. We offer free, confidential, client-centered services focused on safety, support advocacy and community outreach…. Read More ›

Marshall Miles Interviews Author Paula-Josa Jones, “Our Horses, Ourselves: Discovering the Common Body”

PAULA JOSA-JONES is a dancer, choreographer, writer, visual artist and movement educator known for her visually rich, emotionally charged dance theater. Her work includes choreography for humans, inter-species work with horses, dancers and riders, film and video. Josa-Jones has been… Read More ›

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