Marshall Miles Interviews-Chelsea Kapitancek the Prevention Facilitator and Project Coordinator of the Northwest Corner Prevention Network and her colleague Julia Merchant

The Northwest Corner Prevention Network (NCPN) is a group of volunteers dedicated to working with youth and families in Region One to end underage drinking NCPN strives to provide the Northwest corner with engaging events and educational programming to build… Read More ›

Marshall Miles Interviews Jessie Sheehan, “Snackable Bakes” Baking Demonstration and Book Discussion at Hotchkiss Library of Sharon, Free Virtual Presentation on Tues May 17

The popular TikTok influencer will make a couple of her 100 easy-peasy recipes for exceptionally scrumptious sweets and treats, straight out of her new cookbook, Snackable Bakes.  Sheehan’s fuss-free approach, dynamic energy, and kitchen-savvy advice are all on display in Snackable Bakes.  She… Read More ›

Marshall Miles Interviews Justin Boccitto, Interim Artistic Director and Michael Kevin Baldwin, Associate Artistic Director and Director of Education: Sharon Playhouse Upcoming Season

Justin has maintained a diverse career working in the theatre industry for over three decades. He served as Executive Producer to The Group Theatre Too, a theatre collective in NYC, for 15 years producing the award-winning musical, Count To Ten… Read More ›

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