AgriCulture: Hi Hopes

 TURKANA FARMS, LLCGreen E-Market Bulletin August 23, 2019 WHAT’S NEW THIS WEEK:Fish Peppers (hot) and Cubanelles (medium-sweet), 2 for $1.00 Lots of Basil ($3/huge bag) and Tomatoes ($3/lb) Lamb shanks available for your labor day cookout! $10/lb Sorry, haricots verts are sold out…. Read More ›

AgriCulture: Bloomsday

TURKANA FARMS, LLC WHAT’S NEW THIS WEEK:Tomatoes: loads of our newest variety, Sungold — sweet, gold large cherry size, $4/pint The larger heirlooms (black krim, brandywine, rose de berne, are perfect right now All varieties of basil – greek globe, classic neopolitan,… Read More ›

AgriCulture: A Ewelogy

Helena and Sofie nuzzle each other affectionately. Photo by Troy Spindler  TURKANA FARMS, LLCGreen E-Market Bulletin August 2, 2019WHAT’S NEW THIS WEEK: Cucumbers continue to abound. Beets as well. A Ewelogy Hi All, Troy here,When I gave the sheep their… Read More ›

AgriCulture: Vitis Vidi Vici

TURKANA FARMS, LLC WHAT’S NEW THIS WEEK:Elder flowers, $2/bunch – great for infusions Purslane is plentiful, $2/bag Zucchini, $1.50 /lb Cherry belle radishes, $2/bunch Unfortunately we had a deer incursion, stripping us of all the gooseberries and beautiful lettuce in its prime, as well… Read More ›

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