A Moment in Wine: LE2012 Torrontes, Argentina


The clock has struck midnight but the party is just beginning. Welcome to the official unveiling of LE2012. In case you haven’t already noticed, Limited Edition has a new name. Limited Edition is now known simply as “LE” with a focus on the vintage year. It’s sleek and slick and celebrates the uniqueness of the harvest year. While the name may be new, LE2012 continues Winexpert’s tradition of offering incomparable limited-run craft wine kits. Those who have experienced LE wines in the past will not be disappointed. For those who have not yet had the chance to craft their own limited edition wines, LE2012 offers a selection of five extraordinary wines to choose from. And you really can’t go can’t go wrong. As previous years have shown us, LE2012’s are must-have additions to any wine collection. (Scroll down for complete wine by wine descriptions.)


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