A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – June 25 – Ali Stafford on Cooking From the Garden

How do you grill vegetables to perfection? And what do I do with my garlic scapes, or the greens on all those radishes? And so many of the other extras of the garden, or perhaps from your weekly CSA share delivery. These are just some of the questions I have at the moment, and I suspect that you may, too. In this increasingly bountiful produce season, whether from the CSA share, farmers’ market, or backyard, I’ve been turning to inspiration to my friend Alexandra Stafford’s website; alexandracooks.com, and to her Instagram feed, too. Ali’s here with some advice, from how to store vegetables to make them last longest (hint: cut green off those roots at once, for instance) to recipes for veggie tacos to a pasta carbonara that uses a ton of them, and various sauces, quick pickles and pestos, too.


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