A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – March 12 – Linda Beutler on Clematis

In their native habitats, Clematis don’t have that post holding up your mailbox to support them, or a piece of wooden trellis. In nature, they scramble and climb through other plants, which offers us a hint of just how versatile and willing they are, and the many ways to use them in the garden.

Linda Beutler is author of three books about clematis, president of the International Clematis Society, and curator of the Rogerson Clematis Collection in the Pacific Northwest, just outside Portland, Oregon. Suffice it to say, Linda knows from clematis, and I’m so pleased she made time to speak with us.

She provided tips on matching the right clematis to the right support, and what to look for (not flowers!) when buying nursery plants, and why following the strictest rules on pruning without applying some common sense, too, isn’t the way to go.


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