A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – Oct 16 – Noah Strycker on Birding Without Borders

A Way To Garden With Margaret Roach October 16 -Noah Strycker on Birding Without Borders

IN ONE VERY ACTION-PACKED YEAR of more than a hundred thousand miles of global travel, Noah Strycker saw 6,042 species of birds, which represents 58.3 percent of the world’s avian diversity. Yes, one man in one year. Many of you probably enjoy watching birds, but what prompts a person to set out to pursue a big year, as it’s called in the world of extreme birding? And what, besides a possible record, do they potentially gain in the process?


Noah Strycker is a 31-year-old writer, photographer, and bird man based in Oregon.

Noah welcomes correspondence at noah.strycker@gmail.com


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