Adrian Higgins of the Washington Post – A Way to Garden With Margaret Roach – June 22, 2020

The world is shifting focus again now toward opening up this time, several months after much shutting down. But as we do, I for one hope we won’t turn too quickly away from awareness of the solace that the garden has provided and that it offers for us at all times, bad or good. 

Adrian Higgins

Today’s guest has been taking note of that in various ways in his columns for “The Washington Post” throughout the strangest and most chaotic of springs, exploring the garden as an anchor, a support. In his longtime role as gardening columnist there, Adrian Higgins always inspires readers to connect.  

I was so pleased to speak with Adrian, whose thoughtful work has inspired me for years. He delves beyond just horticulture and great plants—though always serving up plenty of both—regularly exploring stewardship of the environment, and even matters of the spirit.


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