AgriCulture: Looking The Part

Turkana Farms was established in 2000 on a fragment of a much larger former dairy farm and orchard which was slated for further subdivision and development. Envisioned as a weekend farming project, it became a full time endeavor. There are many roads to agriculture. Turkana Farms is small – 39 acres (about 8 city blocks by 5 blocks), compared with an average farm size of 211 acres in New York State and 442 acres in the U.S. Our guiding principles are sustainability, diversity and social responsibility. To us, this includes: ► Reducing environmental impact: limiting the number of animals grazing per acre, fertilizing with composted manures rather than chemical fertilizers, avoiding pesticides and herbicides. Our small scale allows us to work by hand rather than machine for many tasks. ► Buying locally produced grain and feed, organic where feasible. Our poultry eat our own weeds and vegetables, while the cows and pigs enjoy surplus apples from the orchards of the Rider Farm, next door. ► Raising heritage breed animals and heirloom vegetable varieties, to preserve biodiversity while maximizing flavor ► Treating our animals humanely ► Knowing our customers. We encourage direct farm to consumer connections, including farm visits. ► Enjoying our surroundings – integrating our home, gardens and agriculture into an organic and visually pleasing whole, on the model of a working “villa.”


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