Arthur Schwartz the Food Maven – March 26

Arthur Schwartz  was the restaurant critic and executive food editor of the New York Daily News for 18 years. Perhaps what he’s best known for is as a chameleon—he’s successfully worked in radio, print media, cookbook publishing, TV, and teaching. Today Arthur talks about:  The Bagel Hole, real old fashioned bagels...

Established in 1985 and brought with us over 10 years of experience at the time, we were taught the art of the hand rolled bagel by a gentleman who had been making bagels since he was a young man back in Germany during the 1940’s.  His experience was not only in bagels and bialys but a broad range of breads and pastries. With that experience, very little capital, a lot of sweat and confidence we opened our doors to what is now the “WORLD FAMOUS BAGEL HOLE”.  Our bagels have been brought to, or shipped across the United States and to almost every country around the world. Our bagels were rated “The best in New York City” by the web site Serious  A few food critics decided to compare bagels from around the city, so they bought bagels from different shops, and in a blind taste test unanimously decided ours number one!

400 7TH AVE.


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