Arthur Schwartz the Food Maven – Sail Away: My Life in Cruising

Arthur Schwartz was the restaurant critic and executive food editor of the New York Daily News for 18 years. Perhaps what he’s best known for is as a chameleon—he’s successfully worked in radio, print media, cookbook publishing, TV, and teaching. Today Arthur talks about: Sail Away: My Life In Cruising


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  1. Are you on a particular station and time?

  2. Rediscovered Arthur today after reading his name in a New York Times story. He was my daily lunch companion 12 to 1 on the radio. He left the station and about 6 years later I moved from NYC. He mentioned a stop in Cadiz, Spain in his cruise show and a bar/restaurant he would be visiting. I remember going to El Faro in Cadiz many years ago. We liked it so much we returned the next day. You pick out your fish and we had some great meals. I hope that is where he is going!

  3. Hello.
    Is Arthur OK?
    We haven’t heard from him since April 25….more than three weeks ago.
    please advise.

  4. Hope you enjoyed that cruise! Catching up on your shows so I have to hear how the NCL dining experience compared to your expectations.
    I generally found it less exciting than some other cruise lines. But things change!

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