Ali Stafford on Asparagus – A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – May 17, 2021


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One dimension of my friendship with today’s guest is a years-long ongoing barter. She shares her cooking expertise with me and my extended family, and I give Alexandra Stafford and her husband gardening advice. It’s a pretty sweet deal, and today Ali, creator of the indispensable website, is here to swap asparagus wisdoms, because ’tis the season.


On her Alexandra’s Kitchen website or her extremely popular Instagram account @AlexandraCooks, Ali Stafford is always teaching, whether a technique that provides the aha we need to unlock the secret to a recipe, or how to use the best of-the-moment recipe ingredients in inspired combinations, especially vegetables and herbs. And if you haven’t tried her no-knead bread recipe that’s the foundation of her cookbook, “Bread Toast Crumbs,” well, you need to. 


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  1. Just listened to your podcast with Alexandra on my way to the Farmers Market….bought some asparagus and will be eating some raw in a salad shortly….lol. Great chat and great tips for things to do with asparagus. Always enjoy you and your guests!

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