Brad Herrick on Jumping Worm Update – A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – August 12 2019

Asian Jumping Worms: So-called crazy worms or Asian jumping worms, several invasive earthworm species that are spreading alarmingly in many areas and degrading soil and natural habitats, are probably the most common pest question I get from readers and listeners lately. Many of you have asked specifically, “How can I stop them?”

To find out what scientists know so far, I called researcher Brad Herrick of University of Wisconsin-Madison, who gave us a 101 last year on these destructive worms, and has since published some new insights that may in time help lead to answers.  

Brad is Arboretum Ecologist and Research Program Manager at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Arboretum, where the staff first noticed the destructive effects of Asian jumping worms in 2013. He’s been studying them ever since.


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  1. Thank you! So many people are unaware of the problem and are inadvertently spreading it. You mentioned on the show (and in a research update) Early Bird fertilizer. Where can I find this? I’m in Madison, thanks!

    • I have tried to find it also. Ocean Organics site says it is no longer making or selling it. Did it get pulled off the market because it works and is being tested for jumping worm control? I would like to find it. Please help post a link if anyone has bought this Early Bird Fertilizer (Nitrogen-based) and tea seed pellets (Active Ingredient Saponin) to control Jumping Worms. 3-0-1

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