Car Keys with Robin Leech: Automobile Accessories (Cold-Weather Option Packages)

Heated Seats

Electrically heated seats are a key component of the cold-weather package.  Both the driver and front passenger seats contain electric elements that are activated by a switch on the vehicle console.  There is a high and low setting for each seat.  In the 2011 model year for Jeep Cherokees, heated rear seats will be offered in the Jeep Grand Cherokee.


Jeep addresses a number of potentially hazardous cold-weather situations by offering heated external mirrors as part of the cold-weather package.  The heated mirrors can be activated from inside the vehicle to melt snow or ice buildup that restricts vision.  In rainy conditions, the heated mirrors also assist in clearing fogging on the mirrors.


Extremely cold conditions can be a strain on vehicle engines and batteries.  To address this issue, the cold-weather package normally, though not always, includes an engine-block heater system.  An engine-block heater allows the driver to plug the engine into an electrical outlet.  This accessory keeps the engine block warm so the vehicle is easier to start.


A battery warmer is also sometimes part of a cold-weather package.  The battery warmer, like an engine-block heater, plugs into an electrical outlet when the car isn’t running.  Keeping the battery warm reduces the drain in very cold conditions.


Car Keys with Robin Leech: Automobile Accessories (Cold-Weather Option Packages)
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