A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – May 2, 2022 – Kenny Coogan on Carnivorous Plants

Have you ever grown a carnivorous plant—a Venus flytrap or sundew or pitcher plant, perhaps? I bet even a lot of keen gardeners haven’t. Today’s guest is going to encourage us to change that and maybe, as a start, adopt one that you can cultivate on your windowsill even. 

All in time for International Carnivorous Plant Day on Wednesday, May 4th, we’re also going to learn about the plight of carnivorous plants in the wild, where they’re disproportionately endangered. 

Venus flytrap 'dente'.jpeg

Kenny Coogan is a board member and education director for the International Carnivorous Plant Society. Kenny’s also author of the recent book “Florida’s Carnivorous Plants,” and he operates a carnivorous plant nursery in Florida. 


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