Ken Druse on Classic Garden Books – A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – March 15, 2021

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Do you remember your very earliest gardening books—the ones that transported you into the world of plants, whether that was last year or years ago? Or other books that have earned a permanent spot on your bookshelf as old trusted friends along the way? Ken Druse and I got to talking on the phone about our favorite formative volumes the other day, and decided we’d let you in on the conversation, too. 



My regular alter ego, Ken Druse, needs no introduction, but he is of course the author of not a small number of gardening books himself, 20 at last count, including some I know changed the way I look at plants. He’s back today to take a stroll through our mutual garden bookshelves.


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  1. Another book for Margaret Roach to reminisce about is “The Ten Week Garden” by Cary Scher 1973

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