A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – October 11, 2021 – Cary Oshins on Composting Tips

Have you made room in the compost heap for all that incoming organic material about to be created during your fall cleanup? Compost is today’s topic with Associate Director Cary Oshins of the US Composting Council.

Profile photo of Cary Oshins

And we’ll talk about everything from best how-to practices to improve your results, to all those claims about compostable plastic bags and devices promising to make instant compost. 



Cary Oshins is a life-long backyard composter, besides his day job at the composting industry group that was founded in 1990 to promote compost utilization and recycling of organic materials to benefit its members, society, and the environment.

He lent some of his insights at this key moment in our composting year.


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