Ali Stafford Corn, Tomato, and Zucchini Recipes – A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – September 2, 2019

The backyard harvest is probably coming in fast and furious, and the farmstand and farmer’s market tables are loaded, too. So, what to do with all those gorgeous zucchini, tomatoes, and how to savor every kernel of the fleeting peak moment of sweet corn?

I called my friend Alexandra Stafford, author of “Bread Toast Crumbs” and creator of the indispensable food website for ideas, and she had as many as I have zucchini at the moment. Uh-oh. If you haven’t followed Ali on Instagram, where her how-to videos and stories are like a short course in better cooking, don’t delay any longer. She joined me on the radio show and podcast to talk about summer’s best flavors, with recipes for squash, corn and tomatoes in particular–galettes and gazpacho, fritters and more. 


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