A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – Dec 18 – Joe Lamp’l on Garden Resolutions

In the garden-to-come in the new year, I intend to do some things differently, or better, and I figure it can’t hurt to say them out loud, in case my resolutions are maybe on your list, too. My friend Joe Lamp’l of joegardner.com and his accompanying podcast is thinking likewise, and together we recapped our highs and lows of the year and set some of those new intentions together.

Joe gardens in the Atlanta area, but has for years visited gardens around the nation as the longtime creator and host of the much-loved “Growing a Greener World” program on public television. I’ll confess that he’s also someone I treasure as a virtual colleague, someone I often email with my own Urgent Garden Questions for advice, so I’m especially glad he’s helping us get started on our 2018 paths.


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