Don Morrison: Suckers and Losers

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Don is an author, lecturer, member of The Berkshire Eagle’s Advisory Board, a commentator for NPR’s Robin Hood Radio, European editor of the British magazine Port, ex-Time Magazine editor, and a longtime part-time resident of the Berkshires


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  1. Don–terrific analysis as always–but aren’t we all just preaching to the choir? Can we convert a born-again Evangelical Christian to convert to Islam simply by explaining the claimed fallacies in the gospels? It’s a case of facts vs. faith–and in that battle, faith holds the winning hand every time. I am convinced that Trump’s game plan is to have his followers believe in him, not to convince them that he is right on the facts, but to have them have faith that he is The Way.
    –Stuart Friedman (Remember me? Penn ’66/ Daily Pennsylvanian 1965-66)

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