Don Morrison: The Lost Secret of the Incas

Don Morrison is an author, lecturer, member of The Berkshire Eagle’s Advisory Board, commentator for NPR’s Robin Hood Radio, European editor of the British magazine Port, ex-Time Magazine editor.

You know what a bucket list is, all the stuff you hope to do before you kick the proverbial … thing. Well, I’m just back from a top bucket list destination, Machu Picchu. That’s the ancient Incan stone complex you see in all the ads for Peru.


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  1. Recomendation for getting to Machu Picchu (tour company, etc.)?

  2. Most major travel companies arrange trips to Machu Picchu. I used Trailfinders, an outfit based in London that specializes in luxury travel (I used to live in London and still have a bank account there, so it was convenient for me). But even Trailfinders sub-contracted many of the local details (guides, hotels) to Metropolitan Travel, which has a large presence in Peru (and an office in the U.S.). I hear good things about Road Scholar, which caters to the older, more serious traveler. There’s much more to see in Peru than Machu Picchu, the tourism infrastructure is good and it’s in the same time zone as Chicago. Enjoy!

  3. Oops, make that Metropolitan TOURING.

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