A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – Nov 6, 2023 – Ken Druse on Fall Cleanup

Yes, it’s time or almost time to do some raking, and to dig the dahlias to stash – time to perform the rounds of the so-called “fall cleanup” and put the garden to bed. 

But today Ken Druse and  I want to advocate for a sort of Cleanup Plus: for tending not just to the obvious chores, but also doing some reflection, and making time for often-overlooked late-season tasks like seed-saving, or finally transplanting one of those two overcrowded shrubs that have been screaming for more elbow room that you keep swearing to rescue…but never quite get to. Sound familiar? 

You all know Ken Druse, author of 20 spectacular garden books, an old friend, and my colleague the last few years in our Virtual Garden Club online courses, which resume in January. We’ve been talking this last week together on the phone about how we’re winding down our respective garden seasons, and wanted to let you in on some of the details that we hope will help you in your own Cleanup-Plus. 


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