Flavor Matters: Dr. Vardanush Petrosyan, MD, Dietitian, Part 1

Dr. Vardanush Petrosyan, MD, Dietitian,  is a medical professional living and working in Yerevan, Armenia.

Dr. Vardanush Petrosyan, MD, Dietitian

Her work as a gastroenterologist and dietitian in the early 2000s, and particularly her work with the younger population, revealed to her how the “western” trends in eating habits were contributing to increasing obesity, specially in children. To raise public awareness of the issue and the overall importance of healthy nutrition, she established the very first “health food restaurant” in Yerevan – now there are many of them – and she anchored a television show about the importance of dietary health.  She is also responsible for pioneering the idea of wholewheat flour into Armenia’s market.  

Dr. Vardanush continues her medical practice, but additionally, and more importantly, she continues her social activism in reversing the infiltration of the “western fast food” trends by continuing her advocacy of the healthful benefits of traditional Armenian norms of eating which include plenty of legumes, grains, vegetables, fermented food, and homemade dairy products such as yogurt, butter, etc. 


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