Flavor Matters with Serge Madikians: Anna Sarmani-Arshakian, Segment 1

The Tatev Information Center is the brain child of Anna Sarmani-Arshakian’s father Sarmen, founded in July of 2007 in Tatev, Armenia, in the most southern Region Armenia, bordering Iran, called Syrunik. Today, Anna’s mother, Zarineh, her warmth and her delicious cooking welcome all who visit Tatev for its natural beauty or for its multitude of historic treasures, the most notably the Tatev Monastic Complex,
which sits a walking distance from the Information Center. I had the privilege of spending a couple of nights in Tatev on my last visit to Armenia in January of 2020.
As luck would have, I stumbled onto the Information Center in the early evening hours of January 5th, which is also the Armenian Christmas night. In my segments with Anna, you will hear about life in Tatev; how with spring each year, like every other place, hope for better weather and fertility, prosperity, health and unity pervades the valley.


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