A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach -Aug. 14, 2023 – Michael Judd on Food Forests

The term food forest, from the permaculture world, sounds big—like if I suggested you start one, you’d probably say, “I don’t have room for a forest of any kind.”

But today’s guest bets that most of us who garden have room for at least a little bit of fruity deliciousness in the form of a tree or two underplanted with some carefully chosen companions. Like maybe where a portion of the front lawn is right now—and maybe emphasizing native fruiting species.  

Maryland-based Michael Judd is a longtime champion of edible landscaping, the author of various books including, “For the Love of Pawpaws,” and hosts an annual pawpaw festival each September. And lately he’s even the creator of a new app called Fruit Patch to help you get started on your own little food forest.  



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