Foundation for Community Health: Marshall Miles Interviews Cathy Coyle, Executive Director of Brooker Memorial

Brooker Memorial is a not-for-profit community organization established in 1918 by Charles F. Brooker. The organization was named and dedicated to his mother, Maria Seymour Brooker in memory of her “works of benevolence, aid, charity and education.” Mr. Brooker donated the family homestead where Brooker Memorial now sits, and established an endowment to ensure the success and longevity of this new organization.

Maria Seymour Brooker was a devoted mother known in the community for her great love of all children.  She was an early crusader of child and family supports, human services and open space for children to play. Early programs at Brooker Memorial included housing for local nurses, a day nursery, orphanage and playground for children. Current programs continue in the tradition of service to children.

Cathy Coyle, M.B.A

Cathy earned an Associate’s Degree from Northwestern CT Community College followed by a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Services Administration with honors from Providence College. She received her MBA from the University of Connecticut. Prior to joining Brooker Memorial in 2004, Cathy was the Executive Director at the YWCA of New Britain.

Cathy has more than 30 years of non-profit experience, including 20 in executive leadership roles. She enjoys working in a children’s organization where there is a smiling face around every corner. She also enjoys working with volunteers and likes the ever-changing challenges and opportunities of managing the organization. Her outside interests include running, hiking, traveling, flower gardening and cooking. She and her husband have two sons, the oldest is enlisted in the United States Marine Corps.

Identifying Needs & Solving Problems

Brooker Memorial Family Support and Education networks with a variety of organizations to identify unmet needs of children and families. Since 1918, Brooker has developed programs through partnerships reflective of the times and needs of our community “to prepare children for life-long success through innovative programs and services in health and education.” Click on any of the links below to find out more information:

Brooker’s Client Support and Program Coordinator works within a variety of community networks to keep abreast of local needs. If you know of an unmet need that should be explored, feel free to contact our Client Support and Program Coordinator at 860-489-1328 ext 129.


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