A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – October 10, 2022 – Nick McCullough on Garden Design

If I say “English garden,” you probably conjure a mental picture of colorful mixed borders and garden rooms enclosed by hedging. But what’s the essence of an American garden? That was what a new book called “American Roots” set out to explore, profiling 20 home gardens around the nation for design inspiration, and also for how-to advice geared to gardening success. 

Garden designer Nick McCullough and his wife, Allison, are the team behind an Ohio-based landscape design firm, and also behind the new book, “American Roots: Lessons and Inspiration from the Designers Reimagining our Home Gardens.” In our conversation, Nick shared some takeaways that he gleaned from the process of making the book. 


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  1. I live in Ohio and have seen your designs. Love them. I’m looking forward to your book.

  2. The book sounds beautiful. Sign me up for the drawing please.

  3. Love gardening books and this one sounds different…perhaps I’ll get lucky and be picked for the giveaway

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