Garden questions with Ken Druse-A Way To Garden With Margaret Roach August 27, 2018

Who among us doesn’t have at least one Urgent Garden Question? This month on the public radio show and podcast, Ken Druse and I answered a diverse list of them: About fighting the parasitic vining plant called dodder. About why sometimes not all nursery plants bought at the same time perform the same once planted in our gardens. About some different Nicotiana, beyond the usual suspects. About when and how to save seed from Eucomis, the pineapple lily, to propagate more bulbs. And about selecting “improved” plants that show up in our own gardens to perhaps save seed from, to create our own strain.  You all know Ken Druse, my long-time friend and fellow garden writer, author of “The New Shade Garden,” and “Natural Companions,” and “Making More Plants” among other great books. 


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