Ken Druse on Garden Resolutions – A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – December 30, 2019

GARDEN RESOLUTIONS: What do you plan to do differently in the garden in 2020? Maybe something that didn’t work out so well this year, or a project that’s been put off so long that it simply must be placed at the top of the list for spring? Ken Druse and I have got some garden resolutions to share, a list that we recorded in December 2019 after a giant snowstorm blanketed both of our gardens and we tucked in and reflected together.

The previous time Ken had visited the show, just a couple of weeks prior, we got so sidetracked into talking about favorite tools that we rely on that we barely started sharing our garden resolutions, and then time ran out. So he’s back as promised to make his confessions, and I will make mine.


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  1. Where do I find the link to the grass seeding technique? Thank you in advance.

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