Gee C-Dread Air – October 31, 2019 – Halloween Special

This week on Dread Air we have a Halloween special! Many a reggae artist explored monsters and ghouls, vampires and the like. Starting with The Crysalites with “Blacula,” we then showcase the great DJ King Horror whose themes never strayed from titles such as “Dracula Prince of Darkness” and “Loch Ness Monster.”

Gee C

Also, the mighty engineer Scientist is featured with tunes off of the record which witnessed him Ridding the World of the Curse of the Evil Vampires! And, of course dancehall DJ Lone Ranger with his unforgettable ode to the Dark Shadows character “Barnabas Collins,” and Dread Air’s first appearance of the legend himself Bob Marley and his Wailers with “Duppy Conqueror”! Happy Halloweeeeeeeen!


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