A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – Sept 3 – Grow Great Greens with Gayla Trail


She doesn’t have greenhouses or even a giant garden, but Toronto-based Gayla Trail, a.k.a. You Grow Girl, has plenty of homegrown leafy greens to eat over a very long season—including some wild varieties I bet you’ve never tried. Last time I checked, Gayla was harvesting basketful Number 40-something of the season with lots more to come.

Gayla was the first garden blogger I ever heard of, and she’s been online since February 2000—long before a lot of us even knew what a blog was. She’s always organic and actually more than that—“moreganic,” as she refers to it, which we discussed—and also the author of various books including “Easy Growing” and “Grow Great Grub.” And most of all, she’s someone I count as a friend.


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