A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – July 9, 2021 – Noelle Orloff on Horticultural Vinegar –

In a recent industry newsletter, I saw a link to a story about the herbicide called horticultural vinegar, and clicked on it. And then, realizing how little I knew about this product that I see prominently displayed in every garden center I visit, I wrote to the story’s authors at Montana State University to ask them to tell me more. 

DSC_3486 (1).jpg

In our subsequent series of conversations, I learned a lot about these high-concentration vinegars, and most of all about reading product labels to be a smarter, safer consumer. 

Noelle Orloff is the Weed and Invasive Plant Identification Diagnostician at Montana State’s Schutter Diagnostic Lab, where she identifies plants submitted by growers, ranchers and homeowners, and provides management recommendations if needed. She’s also a passionate home gardener, and I’m so glad to continue our conversation out loud here today with all of you listening. 


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