Timothy Tilghman on Hot Annuals at Untermyer – A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – February 25, 2019

Hot annuals: Maybe you’re looking for fun new annual flowers for this year’s garden, fresh ideas for adding seasonal color to pots and beds. Whenever I visit a public garden, I see gorgeous plants I don’t recognize and also ones I do sort of, but in some extra-special variety I haven’t seen before. So how does the horticulturist behind such designs find all these goodies and know how to use them so boldly?

I decided to invite one to the show to find out. Here to help is Head Gardener Timothy Tilghman, of Untermyer Gardens Conservancy in Yonkers, New York, an ambitious restoration of a historic landscape that he’s been undertaking with his team since 2011 and gaining lots of praise in the press and from visitors.


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