A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach March 6, 2023 – Karl Gercens on Houseplant Tuneups

Could your houseplants use a tuneup after a hard winter indoors? I know mine will need it, from re-potting, to light pruning, to full scale rejuvenation in some cases, so I wanted to get expert advice. Today’s guest has been growing houseplants since age 5, and the last 25 years he’s been doing that not just at home, but also in historic Longwood Gardens Conservatory in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, where he’s the conservatory manager. 

In 25 years working in the conservatory at Longwood Gardens, Karl Gercens estimates he’s seen more than a million pots of display plants, many of them species we think of as houseplants, move through its galleries as different seasonal shows were staged. Each one has to be exceptional to make the grade, the best varieties and grown to perfection. So I know he has the answers on both fronts on which plants to choose and how to care for them. 


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