A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – Jan 1, 2018 – Ken Druse Q&A on Shade Gardening

A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach-Ken Druse Q&A on Shade Gardening

To mark a year of monthly Q&A podcasts together, Ken Druse and I themed our latest conversation to a topic that many listeners ask about, in one way or another, a lot of the time: gardening in the shade, a particular expertise of Ken’s, who has written two books on the subject.

This is the 12th of our monthly Urgent Garden Question Q&A shows, and we thank you for your support—and for your questions most of all. You can keep them coming any time in comments or by email, using the contact form, or at Facebook.

We discussed the dreaded Norway maple, ground covers for shade (including sedges) and more. 


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