Cover Your Assets with Jim Lynch – September 18


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  1. I just listened to one of your older podcasts and also a current one. It is unbelievable how you blame previous distasters on others and do not mention Obama had anything to do with them in his 8 years. You should rename your pod cast “Jim Lynch bashes Trump.”

    • Kim: Thank you for your comment, really! All our commentary shows are the opinion of the show host. If you want to hear “Obama Bashing”, and “Trump Praising” I suggest you listen to our THREE HOUR program on Sundays from 9- NOON. Jim’s show ans others like it are three and a half minutes long to 12 minutes long. We so strive to have ALL opinions on-air as on our morning show we invite opposing opinions. Again, thank you for your comment, we need to hear both positive and negative comments to make Robin Hood Radio work.

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