Joe Lamp’l on Seed Starting Tips-A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – February 3, 2020

Seed Starting: What really matters when we start seeds? What tweaks to our process or our gear can actually move the needle from so-so results or worse to closer to pro? My friend Joe Lamp’l wondered that, too, and undertook batch after batch of experiments to test a lot of the conventional wisdoms out there—many of which conflict with one another, by the way. And I couldn’t wait to hear what he learned that we can each put to use in our own pre-spring seed-starting adventures.  

Joe Lamp’l

You probably know Joe Lamp’l as host of the popular PBS series “Growing a Greener World” and the Joe of website and podcast. And he’s also creator of, with a suite of online classes including one about to debut on seeds, which we’ll talk about, too.

We discussed which lights are best for seed starting, and how close to plants to hang them and for how long to have them on each day. We talked about watering tactics, too, and essential gear Joe relies on, and of course timing of when to start (not too early!).


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