April 2019 Ken Druse Q&A – A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – April 22, 2019

Margaret’s new book: The latest podcast is special, because it’s a special time for me, just days from the 21st anniversary version of my first award-winning book, “A Way to Garden,” comes out in an all new edition. My longtime friend and regular guest on the show, Ken Druse, took the driver’s seat and interviewed me for a change

I had to shut up and turn the mic over to Ken, an award-winning garden author and photographer of more books than I can count or apparently write myself. And he began (jokingly) like this:

Ken: Hello and welcome to “A Way to Garden.” I’m your visiting host, Ken Druse. I’m the author of, as someone said, soon to be 20 books on gardening, and our guest, our special guest today is someone who is familiar to all listeners to the radio show and the podcast and visitors to Margaret Roach’s blog, “A Way to Garden.” It’s Margaret Roach.

We then went on to talk more seriously about each getting older in aging gardens, about plants we’ve lost (and miss), and ones we wish would go away, about editing the garden, and more. 


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