May 2019 Ken Druse Q&A – A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach

Garden Design Ideas: A note from a listener addressed to me and my Urgent Garden Question-answering sidekick Ken Druse asked our advice for planning a garden from the very beginning, while his home construction is under way. Well, when Ken and I began discussing possible answers, the subject quickly mutated to garden planning in general, and the things we wish we’d included in our places right from the start, and that every gardener should make room for whatever stage his or her garden is at.

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Ken Druse, author of nearly 20 beautiful and inspirational garden books, including “The New Shade Garden” and “Making More Plants,” helped me tackle the subject of garden design from the ground up, and which must-have elements even established gardens need to find room for. Like good views from the house, and lots of outdoor faucets and electrical outlets, among other things. 

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May 2019 Ken Druse Q&A – A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach
A Way To Garden With Margaret Roach

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